Transparent Language Alphabet Screenshot

On Sunday, April 1st, Tennessee residents will be able to use Transparent Language Online to learn over 100 different languages through the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL)! Transparent Language Online is replacing Gale’s PowerSpeak which will not be available after March 31st.

Transparent Language Online --

  • Builds all four core skills of a language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • 100+ languages to choose from
  • English lessons for speakers of over 25 different languages
  • KidSpeak has kid-friendly lessons and interface in 6 languages
  • Mobile apps are available
  • Save progress on lessons completed

Transparent Language requires all users to sign up for an account with a user name and password. Email is optional but recommended to access account and reset passwords.

Opposing Viewpoints Chrome Extenstion screenshot

On November 8, an Opposing Viewpoints In Context extension will be available in the Chrome Web Store. When added to Chrome browsers, it will display results from Opposing Viewpoints alongside Google search results.

The Gale Chrome extension puts your library resources in the everyday workflow of researchers. Library users can view and retrieve high quality content from Opposing Viewpoints In Context that includes academic journals, reference content, and viewpoints on today’s hottest social issues.

The extension can be installed by individual libraries with the library’s Location ID and password or pushed to shared computers via the Google admin tool.

Health and Wellness Resource Center screenshot

TEL is pleased to announce the release of a new and improved Health and Wellness Resource Center with an updated user experience and tools available in other popular Gale digital resources. Enhanced functionality includes: 

  • A mobile responsive design
  • Google and Microsoft integration
  • Citation tools
  • Readspeaker technology
  • Language translation
  • Accessibility compliance

The new homepage features four major topic groupings: Diseases and Conditions; Drugs; Diagnostics and Tests; and Therapies, Treatments, and Surgeries. This rich digital resource offers access to thousands of full-text medical journals, periodicals, reference works, multimedia and more, covering a full range of health-related issues, from current disease and disorders to in-depth coverage of alternative medicine. Also, to address the need for access to authoritative medical content for Spanish speaking patrons, the resource offers a search limiter by Spanish content.

Screenshot of GVRL ebook viewer

Enhanced book viewer – a new and improved cover-to-cover book viewer has replaced the Flash-based viewer, increasing browser compatibility and supporting use of the book view on all mobile devices.

K-6 support – Libraries have the option to set the cover-to-cover book view as the default view, making it simpler for younger users to get into a book and immediately start reading. Libraries can also choose whether to default this view to a 1- or 2-page spread.

Topic Finder – the addition of Topic Finder to Gale eBooks on GVRL helps users narrow their research and offers a visual way to explore their library’s eBook collection.

Other updates: